August 14, 2020

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About Peter:
Peter Joseph is an American musician, filmmaker and author. His most recent works include the 2017 book The New Human Rights Movement, published by BenBella books and 2020 film InterReflections.

Born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA, the son of a social worker and mail-man, his early life comprised a fairly traditional, lower middle class upbringing. He has commented that his mother’s social work, working with the extreme poor of rural North Carolina, was an inspiration for his activism years later.

Joseph has lectured around the world, including the UK, Canada, Germany, America, Brazil & Israel, on the subjects of cultural/social sustainability, the importance of critical thought, and the social role of the arts and scientific literacy.

His work has been profiled in the New York Times, Vice, The Huffington Post, The Marker, Free Speech TV, The Young Turks, The Examiner and other outlets. He has participated in multiple TEDx Events and has worked with The Global Summit and USFUCA.
He has appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, Thom Hartmann’s The Big Picture, Watching The Hawks, BoomBust, Redacted To- night with Lee Camp, The David Pakman show, Christopher Ryans “Tangentially Speaking” podcast, Telesur’s Empire Files with Abby Martin, The Jimmy Dore Show and others.

In 2013, he was hired to direct the official music video “God is Dead?” by rock Hall of Fame artist Black Sabbath.

Once deemed “The Harold of Occupy Wall St.” Joseph’s media work has a clear focus on social change through community effort. His prior film, Zeitgeist: Moving Forward, achieved the largest fully independent theatrical release of its time, with screenings held in 341 theaters in 60 countries; in 25 languages over the same weekend. He has also had all three of his prior feature films on Netflix.

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